A mentoring session is for those who are already lash qualified, who would like to learn some new tips, techniques or improve their lashing!

Some things you can expect to cover during the session:

Theory: any questions you may have, we can go back to basics or really go into detail on some other aspects.

Speed: I can help you with your speed, which may help you lash quicker and help you fit more clients with the same quality of lashing

Preparation: We can review the routine of preparation, helping you improve your technique and how you can help your lashes last longer

Aftercare: Ever made a beautiful set and wondered how you can help them last as long as possible? We can go through how I help my clients keep them fuller for longer.

Adhesive control: A vital part of lashing, yet so often overlooked during training. we will improve
your technique and you will learn my tips and tricks!

The day is free flowing and varies for each individual. We work dependant on your needs.

For all training enquires please email: